Fast and efficient PoWaaS (PoW-as-a-service) for your IOTA wallet, MAM-stream or any IOTA usecase requiring fast transaction turnout.

Don't overheat your CPU/GPU by doing IOTA PoW locally, instead use our solution to access consistently fast hashing power. Perfect for low-power IoT devices, mobile and desktop solutions.


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About Us

TangleKit is a german company that develops custom DLT solutions to bring your business to the next level.

With we offer fast, cost-effective and eco-friendly PoW for the distributed ledger technology IOTA.
Our hardware is specially customized and is hosted decentralized in order to achieve increased reliability.
The service is perfect for applications where fast PoW is required (e.g. Internet-of-Things).
We provide an API interface and libraries for different programming languages to make it as easy as possible to integrate fast PoW into your project.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us:
Stay tuned for some new services we have in development!

Quick Start


Since Trinity 1.1.0 it is possible to use within Trinity. The following GIF shows the setup of Trinity Desktop, the Trinity Mobile setup works similarly.
Our JavaScript library (GitLab) is compatible with the official iota.js and mam.client.js libraries.
You only have to adjust your code minimally to integrate into your projects.
The basic integration of our library looks like this:

                                                        const remoteATT = require('powsrv.js')
                                                        const attachToTangle = remoteATT(5000, "your9api9key")
                                                        // Set attachToTangle to your IOTA client
                                                        const { composeAPI } = require('@iota/core')
                                                        const iota = composeAPI({
                                                        provider: 'http://localhost:14265',
Our Golang library (GitLab) is compatible with the official iota.go library.
The example below shows how easy it is to use in existing or new software that uses the iota.go library.
All you need to do is to add a few lines of code:

How to use with the IOTA python lib:


In addition to our libraries, we also offer an API. This is compatible to the IRI API (only attachToTangle is supported).
Note: To be able to use the fastest PoW we recommend using our libraries!

                                                    curl \
                                                    -X POST \
                                                    -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
                                                    -H 'X-IOTA-API-Version: 1' \
                                                    -d '{
                                                          "command": "attachToTangle",
                                                          "trunkTransaction": "VDJJSJVAIQXAUIZO...",
                                                          "branchTransaction": "WXQWVSAJVZLEHQTN...",
                                                          "minWeightMagnitude": 14,
                                                          "trytes": [


TX (PoW)

*Value added tax free services according to §19 UStG.